2 6 in a further increase in material and a new arrangement for the archives, which now included a great deal of material from Salini. Reorganization and digitalization have made it possible to evaluate the dimensions of the company’s photographic holdings, and turned it into a resource that can easily be used by all the company’s sectors. In recent years, the company has also been involved in intense publishing activity that has breathed new life into this material and expanded the number of users. Remarkable for its sheer size, this collection of images helps to tell the story of mega projects on an international scale. However, it also hides many surprises from the point of view of the artistic quality of some of the photographs. These are works that deserve to have a new life. A photograph does not thrive simply because it was taken, but thanks to its encounter with the viewer, whatever the purpose of their observation may be: whether the search for information or for purely aesthetic pleasure. Morasco Dam Italy / 1938 Antonio Paoletti